Vega Crux Flip-up Helmet

Product Name:Vega Crux Flip-up Helmet
Available Colors:Black, Red, White
Weight:1.5 Kg
Available Sizes:M, L
Stain Resistant:No
Inner Material:Multi Density EPS Liner
Outer Material:ABS Plastic
ISI Mark:Yes
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Vega Crux (Flip-up Helmet) Review

The Vega Crux helmet is one of the best helmets for a bike ride within the city and it also one of the bestsellers in the Flip-up Helmet Category. There’s a reason it gets a 4.7 out of 5 star rating and has over more than 1300 reviews on Amazon! This is one of the top helmets for enfield bike riders and for other cruise bikers. 

The Vega Crux helmet is one of the best helmets for a City Ride. Vega Crux Helmet has a standard size and is suitable for most motorbike riders. Since it is a flip-up helmet you can ride with the half face in the city when you are driving at a lot speed and you can keep the full face closed when you are riding on highways or during late nights when roads are empty at a speed of 80-100 kmph.

Inner Padding & Outer Shell

The inner padding is quite good and it’s better than most other helmets available in this price range. It comes with a soft cushioning inside with detachable and washable interiors. The finishing of the helmet is not shiny or glossy and its not even matt finish. The helmet has a leather finish touch so it doesn’t give a matt look but a little bit of shiny look.

Visor and Air Ventilation

It comes with a flip-up open front and dual visor fitting that provide users with the required ventilation Review of Vega Crux Flip-up Helmetwhile riding. There are three slots for air ventilation out of which two are adjustable so you can open and close the ventilation windows as per your convenience. Due to its excellent closed face design it not only ensures absolute safety but also prevents your face and scalp from sweating.

In addition, it has a transparent outer visor along with inbuilt goggles. It also has an even function for a flip-up action and an easy press button to open and close the helmet. This helmet allows users to get a get a clear view of the road and does not cause obstructions.


The weight of the helmet is approximately 1.5 kgs and therefore its not at all a very heavy helmet I must say. You can wear it on long rides and I don’t think it will not cause any neck pain or back pain to you.

Overall the Vega Crux Helmet is a fantastic choice within a budget of 1200 Rs.

Features of Vega Crux Helmet

  • Flip up option
  • Leather finish touch
  • Off-road look
  • Easy fit
  • Easy visor fitting
  • Smooth function for flip up action
  • Good ventilation
  • Use press button for open and close

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which helmet size will fit me – Small Medium or Large?

To check which helmet size is right for you check out the picture below and follow the steps.

How to correctly measure your helmet size

  • Does Vega Crux helmet comes with an ISI mark?

Yes this helmet carries an ISI mark and therefore you can buy this helmet without any doubt. Remember you can get a fine from a traffic police offer if the helmet you are wearing does not have an ISI mark (provided the cop knows the law 🙂

  • Inner Padding of the helmet and is it washable from inside?

The inner padding of Vega Crux is made of regulated density and it has been lined with anti-allergic velveteen. It is soft and will cushion your head against shocks or a sudden impact. Always remember that if your helmet is not tight enough, it will move around on your head when you least want it to, it can be noisy and let in wind & worst of all, it may come off in a crash.

Initially when the helmet is new you will feel that helmet is a bit tight and it should be tight enough. As the helmet grows old the inner foam gets adjusted to your face and it will be more comfortable but still tight enough as required. You can easily wash the inner padding of the helmet. In fact I found a fantastic video to help you understand how to properly wash/clean the helmet.

  • Is the visor scratch resistant?

It is not mentioned anywhere that this helmet has a scratch resistant visor and is not depicted in the pictures as well. However few customers who bought this helmet have left a review that this helmet has a scratch resistant visor.

Should you buy the Vega Crux Flip-up Helmet? 

Vega is very well known for the quality and safety of their helmets. They are made up of ABS plastic to give you a strong check. If you are a bike rider who likes to pull the bike accelerator a little too much within the city then this helmet is a must for you.

If you are riding a heavy bike like Royal Enfield or a Harley Davidson then I would recommend other helmets that are much stronger helmets available online. The helmets for Royal Enfield and Harley Davidson should have a superb outer quality. Also those helmets should have removable interior paddings that allows you to remove it and wash it on your long rides. These are generally expensive in the range of 5-10K INR. I will write a separate post to suggest helmets for Royal Enfield.



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