Vega Cruiser Helmet

Product Name:Vega Cruiser Open Face Helmet
Available Colors:Available in 8 Colors
Weight:898 Gms
Available Sizes:Medium and Large
Stain Resistant:No
Inner Material:Multi Density EPS Liner
Outer Material:ABS
ISI Mark:Yes
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Review of Vega Cruiser Helmet

The Vega Cruiser Open Face Helmet is currently the helmet of choice for a lot of riders in India and is one of the Top 3 within the Open face helmet category. With a rustic look and the UV clean finish, the Cruiser is the perfect example bringing elegance to helmets.

With graceful attire, it is a true ‘masterpiece of simplicity’. The helmet has silent chin strap lock. Offering an excellent fit and unparalleled comfort, this Cruiser Open Face Helmet from Vega is light in weight and made using the best quality materials for superior protection.

Inner Padding and Outer Shell

The outer shell of the helmet is made of ABS and gives you a strong protection. Vega is known for its fantastic quality of helmets. The inner padding is not washable which means you will have to use a helmet cleaner to clean it from inside. Check out helmet cleaners here.

Visor and Air Ventilation

Resistant to scratches and cracks, this helmet is capable of handling great impact and the Visor provides the rider with a clear view of the road ahead. The scratch resistant visor will protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun and makes your ride comfortable. The helmet has a Peak at the top with a textured finish.

The good thing for my friends who are scared of thieves is that the helmet has a hole for locking. This feature is absent in open face helmets of some other brands.


Absolutely perfect weight if you are looking for a lightweight helmet for motorcycle. At approximately 900 grams the helmet is perfect for long rides on highways and mountains.

Some other features of Vega Crux Helmet

  • Scratch Resistant Outer shell and Visor
  • The chin strap comes with an easy to use lock mechanism and ensures that the helmet stays securely in place during the time of an accident
  • The helmet has peak with a texture finish
  • ISI mark

Should you buy the Vega Crux Helmet? 

Again the golden question that you should ask yourself if the helmet is lightweight but will not give you the full face protection to your jawline since its an open face helmet. However with that said if you are a rider that usually rides slow and steady and looking for a light weight helmet then the Vega Crux helmet could be the perfect choice with you. Overall the Vega Crux helmet is a good choice for motorcycle riders who are looking for a helmet within 1000 bucks range.

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