Vega Boolean Helmet

Product Name:Vega Boolean Flip-Up Helmet
Available Colors:Black, Red, White, Silver, Burgundy, Dull Black, Dull Blue, Dull Burgundy, Dull Red, Metallic, Anthracite, Dull Anthracite
Weight:1.3 Kgs
Available Sizes:Medium and Large
Stain Resistant:Yes
Inner Material:Multi Density EPS Liner (washable)
Outer Material:ABS
ISI Mark:Yes
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Review of Vega Boolean Helmet

Another great helmet from Vega for the bike riders is Vega Boolean Flip-up Helmet. This helmet comes with a modern look and the latest design. The Vega Boolean helmet’s comfort is unmatched and it is incorrigible when it comes to design. Multiple options in sunshields are available for the helmet. The helmet is available in almost 11 colors and can be easily bought online from Amazon without any hassle.

Outer Shell & Inner Padding

The outer shell of the helmet has an aerodynamic design to give you a great comfort during your ride. It is made up of ABS and therefore strong enough to take a blow and protect your head, face and jaw in case of any accident.

You can easily remove the Inner Padding, wash it and put it back. Also the front vents are provided to reduce fogging.

Visor and Air Ventilation

Vega Boolean Helmet Review

The helmet and visor both are scratch-resistant. The inner visor comes with UV resistance and therefore it will protect you from sunshine. You will find two vents on top of the helmet along with one at the jaw of the helmet to allow the flow of air. You can off-course adjust the vent to keep it closed or open

as per your preference.


With a weight of approximately 1.3 kgs the helmet is a bit heavy but overall a great design and inner padding makes it a very comfortable helmet. You can wear this helmet on your long rides however when you are going on long mountain rides and the roads are not good the weight of the helmet will hurt your neck.

Features of Vega Boolean Helmet

  • ISI approved
  • Helmet is lightweight and comes with ABS shell
  • Superior fit and comfort provided using advanced CAD technology
  • Airflow from the front to the back which flushes heat and humidity out of the helmet
  • The face shield can be released in two stages
  • Single-button release of the face shield

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which helmet size will fit me – Small Medium or Large?

If you don’t know what size of your helmet will fit your head then you need to measure your helmet size first. To understand how to measure your helmet size lets watch this video

  • Is the Inner Padding of the helmet washable?

Yes the Vega Boolean helmet has a detachable and washable interior. You can easily detach the inner padding, wash it and put it back after it is completely dry.

Is the visor scratch resistant?

Yes the visor is 100% scratch resistant. Also the front vents of the are provided to reduce fogging.

Should you buy the Vega Crux Flip-up Helmet?

This is a golden question you need to ask yourself. If you are looking for a strong and long term helmet that would give you protection and also add style to you then 100% you should buy this helmet with both your eyes closed. If you are planning to go for a short rides within city then then it is perfect for you. However if you are planning to go on long rides on highways or mountains then I suggest you should look at other options as this helmet is quite heavy at 1.3 Kgs and might cause you neck and shoulder pains after a 1-2 hr continuous ride.

Overall a good product from Vega and one of the bestsellers in the Flip-up Helmets category.

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