Vega Motocross Helmet

Product Name:Vega Off Road Helmet
Available Colors:Black, Red, White, Silver, Burgundy, Dull Black, Dull Blue, Dull Burgundy, Dull Red, Metallic, Anthracite, Dull Anthracite
Weight:1.3 Kgs
Available Sizes:Medium & Large
Stain Resistant:No
Inner Material:EPS Padding (Detachable, Washable Interior)
Outer Material:ABS
ISI Mark:Yes
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Review of Vega Motocross Helmet

This one is my personal favorite and I’ve been using this helmet since last 1 year and so happy with it. The look, comfort, feel, ventilation and everything is absolutely superb for this helmet. Due to this I am rating this helmet as 5 stars. Also you can see most people rated this helmet as 4 stars on Amazon¬†and Flipkart.

Vega has a great line-up of helmets available in India. Almost all helmets under the Vega brand are a big hit and bestsellers in India. The Vega Motocross helmet is one of the best and Top Notch helmet in India. It is available in 11 colors and in both Medium and Large sizes.

Lets look at more details about the Vega Motocross helmet.


  • Superior fit and comfort provided using advanced CAD technology
  • Vents with high capacity intakes
  • Airflow from the front to the back which flushes heat and humidity out
  • UV clear finish
  • Scratch-resistant helmet and visor

Outer Shell and Inner Padding

Without a doubt the helmet has a strong built for your safety and a wonderful look. The inner padding is made of EPS lining to give you a comfortable padding. Also the inner padding can be taken out for washing/cleaning and can be easily put back inside the helmet.

Visor and Air Ventilation

The helmet has two inbuilt visors, internal and external. The external or the usual visor is scratch proof and can be replaced easily if you would like to replace it at a later point. The internal visor (sunglasses) protects you from the UV rays. This will give you the possibility of riding your bike without closing the external visor and you can drive at a fast speed because the internal visor acts as a sunglass protecting your eyes from wind, dust and insects.

The helmet has vents that you can open and close as per your convenience. When driving within the city and highway you can drive with the vents open to get the airflow and so that you don’t sweat. When you are driving in the hills (in the himalayas) you usually ride at slow to medium speed. Therefore you can just keep the external visor open and the vents closed so that you can


I would not consider this helmet as a lightweight helmet as it is over 1 kg but it is not at all a heavy helmet. You can actually wear this helmet on your long rides including the long trips to Mountains.


Should you buy the Vega Motocross Helmet?

Yes definitely you should buy the Vega Motocross helmet because it is one of the best selling helmet in India. This helmet is selling like crazy and pretty common on the Indian roads across Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Chandigarh, Kolkata, Manipur, Darjeeling as well as other cities in India. Everyone is loving this helmet. Ofcourse it would only suit you if you have a Royal Enfield, Harley Davidson or a racing bikes like KTM, Pulsar, Fazer, Hayabusa. I would definitely not recommend to go this far and buy a Vega Motocross if you ride a bajaj chetak or Honda activa.



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