Vega Eclipse Open Face Helmet

Product Name:Vega Eclipse Open Face Helmet
Available Colors:Black, Red, White, Silver, Burgundy, Dull Black, Dull Blue, Dull Burgundy, Dull Red, Metallic, Anthracite, Dull Anthracite
Weight:1.2 Kg
Available Sizes:Medium and Large
Stain Resistant:No
Inner Material:Multi Density EPS Liner
Outer Material:ABS
ISI Mark:Yes
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Review of Vega Eclipse Open Face Helmet

Vega has manufactured another superb helmet with great quality and comfort for the motorcycle riders. Vega Eclipse Open Face Helmet with Double Visor , as its name states, is born from dual visor technology. Meant for a superior ride, it offers great ease to the rider.

Outer Shell

The Vega Eclipse Helmet has an aerodynamic shell with a large eye port for greater visibility and also peripheral view

Inner Padding & Outer Material

The helmet has an impact absorbing, multi-density EPS liner to give you the comfort and safety. The multi-stage intake vents and exhaust vents allows full front to back fresh airflow that flushes heat and humidity out of the helmet. The internal padding is also removable and washable.

Visor and Air Ventilation

The most important feature of the helmet is the full face visor. It has a two visors, external and internal. The internal visor acts as sunglasses to protect you from the UV rays and it completely scratch resistant.

Majority of the open face helmets come with half-face visor. A full-face visor offers complete protection from dust and particulate matter coming off the tyres of high speed vehicles/sand carrying trucks and trolleys in front of you on the road. Another great advantage of the the full face visor is that it does not let air rush into the helmet from the front of the face, thereby reducing the noise which can be a lot at high speeds.


The helmet can be considered lightweight, superior fit and comfort provided using advanced CAD technology. Front vents provided to reduce fogging. Scratch-resistant helmet and visor.

Should you buy the Vega Eclipse Open Face Helmet? 

The Vega Eclipse open face helmet comes at a price of approx. Rs. 1400 from Amazon. Considering this price range the helmet offers great benefits to the motorcycle rider. This helmet would suit you if you are riding a harley or royal enfield. Definitely there are other helmets in the market which are much more expensive and suitable for these bikes but this helmet would also serve the same safety, comfort and features for you.

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