Studds Professional Full Face Helmet

Product Name:Studds Professional Helmet
Available Colors:Black and White
Weight:1.4 Kgs
Available Sizes:Large & XL
Stain Resistant:No
Inner Material:EPS padding with anti allergic material
Outer Material:ABS
ISI Mark:Yes
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Review of Studds Professional Helmet

The Studds professional helmet (full face) model is extremely successful and one of the bestsellers in the market. There are two main reasons people are buying this motorcycle helmet online – One it carries the brand name of Studds which is very well known for its quality. Secondly the helmet gives you full safety and great comfort with a brilliant design and superb look. Additionally this helmet will not hurt your pocket too much as its just around one thousand bucks. Its definitely one of the best helmets in Rs. 1000 price point.

Outer Shell

The outer shell of this helmet is made with special high impact grade of engineering thermoplastic to give you safety incase of an accident. The Studds Professional helmet comes with a special textured outer shell finish to provide a scratch resistance.

Visor and Inner Padding

Believe me the interior of this helmet is very comfortable. It comes with a regulated density EPS concussion padding lined with specially treated anti allergic velveteen. The straps can be easily opened with a string that’s attached to the button and you just need to pull the string to open the strap and remove the helmet.

The visor is scratch resistant and offers a clear view to the rider.

Air Ventilation

The helmet has one air vent at the front which also gives a trendy look. It doesn’t have the feature to open/close the vent but would have been great if they add this feature. No other vents at the Top or at the Bottom. I think they should add one more vent either on the Top or back side.


The weight of Studds Professional Helmet is approx. 1.4 kgs which means it cannot be considered a super lightweight helmet. You can use this helmet on your medium to long rides.


Other Features of Studds Professional Helmet

  • ISI approved helmet
  • Rear reflectors provided for high visibility of the helmet during driving in night

How to correctly measure your helmet size


Last but not the least is the size of this helmet. Size of the helmets does matter when it comes to your safety and comfort. Due to the design of this helmet I would recommend you to buy one size higher than your actual size. If your size as per the chart is Large I would recommend to take XL size because of the design of this helmet. Ofcourse if the size does not fit you can easily return the helmet and get a replacement easily on Amazon as they have a 30 day money-back guarantee with no questions asked.

Always remember that if your helmet is not tight enough, it will move around on your head when you are riding and it can be noisy due to the wind. It may also come off your head in case of a crash therefore it is advised to always buy the helmet with the right size.

Should you buy the Studds Professional Helmet? 

If you ask me this question I would say it depends on the kind of motorcycle I am riding. When I am riding a Pulsar, Splendor, Passion or a Yamaha RX 100 (all fantastic bikes by the way) I would definitely go and buy this helmet since this helmet would look well with these type of bikes. At the same time if I am riding a Harley Davidson, Royal Enfield, KTM, Bajaj Pulsar or a Karizma I would rather prefer a flip-up helmet like a Vega Motocross Helmet (my favorite btw) since these type of bikes attract a lot of attention and therefore the helmet should also compliment the bike and the rider.

Overall there is no question whatsoever that this is a fantastic helmet to buy. At a price point of just over 1000 bucks it is definitely a good choice for motorcyclists.

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