Studds Shifter Full Face Helmet

Product Name:Studds Shifter
Available Colors:White, Black, Graphics
Weight:1.4 Kgs
Available Sizes:Large and XL
Stain Resistant:No
Inner Material:EPS Lining
Outer Material:Polyurethene, Thermoplastic
ISI Mark:Yes
Studds Shifter Full Face Helmet (hover to zoom) (tap once to zoom, tap left, right, top, bottom to move image, tap outside of image to cancel)

Studds Shifter Full Face Helmet Review

Studds is oldest and best budget Brand Of Helmet in India. The Studds Shifter helmet is the best helmet in Rs. 2000 category without a doubt. It has a strong outer shell with mind blowing graphics attracting attention of everyone on the road so definitely a head turner. The helmet comes with a great inner padding to give you extra comfort and dual visor to give you the ease and clear view of the road. Let me tell you more about this helmet.

Outer Shell and Design

The outer shell of this helmet is injected from special high impact grade of engineering thermoplastic. The design of this helmet is aerodynamic to give you stability even at high speeds. Considering the weight of the helmet the helmet is quite stable when you ride at 100+ kmph speed.



Visor and Inner Padding


There are two visors in this helmet – external and internal. Both are of superb quality. Both visors come with true injected polycarbonate with silicon hard coat to provide scratch resistance properties. The visors can be easily removed by spring mechanism just by push of a button. The internal visor can be easilypulled down to use or pushed up inside if you don’t want to use. The internal visor acts as sunglasses and can be used during early morning rides when you want to feel fresh air so you can just open the external visor.

The inner Padding is very comfortable and made of special velvet clothing that gives anti-allergic properties. The inner padding can be easily removed, washed and put back inside the helmet.


Air Ventilation

The helmet has one vent at the front, two vents on the top and one at the back side to give an excellent air flow mechanism. Studds has given a slider on the Top vents to open or close the Air Vents.


The helmet is a little heavy and you will feel the weight on your head when you wear this helmet. However due to the inner padding Studds Shifter gives a great comfort to your head and face. It is very stable and you will be able to ride at 100+ speeds easily with this helmet on.


Should you buy the Studds Shifter Helmet?

The helmet is an excellent value for money at a price range of approximately Rs. 2000. Its comes in Black and white colors along with excellent graphics to compliment your personality. Lastly the Studds gives an option to get spare visors which are available in clear, smoke tint, mirror and rainbow options.

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