Steelbird Adonis Helmet

Product Name:Steelbird Adonis Classic Full Face
Available Colors:Black (with white, blue, red, silver reflector)
Weight:1.1 Kg
Available Sizes:Medium, Large
Stain Resistant:No
Inner Material:EPS padding lining
Outer Material:ABS
ISI Mark:Yes
Steelbird Adonis Helmet

Review of Steelbird Adonis Helmet

Steelbird is well known to give you the protection that you need while riding your motor bike. They have a number of models in all categories whether it is full face, flip up, open face or off road helmets.

Without wasting any time lets get into the Pros and Cons of Steelbird Adonis Helmet.

Look & Design

The look and design of Steelbird Adonis helmet is average. It looks quite decent for office going or college going bikers. The helmet has a reflector sticker at the Top, starting from front and goes all the way to the back. Studds has launched this helmet in two variants – Classic and Dashing. The Adonis Classic helmet is completely black with a black reflector patch. The Adonis Dashing helmet┬ácomes with colorful stickers in blue, yellow, red or silver. Or your can impress your friends and buy all variants so you can wear one new color everyday matching your dress (just kidding).

Inner Padding & Shell

This helmet is made of strong and durable ABS material that makes the helmet strong enough to survive impacts and keep your head safe. The helmet has silicon hard coating of black color for scratch resistance properties and it gives a matt black look. The helmet has a good amount of cushioning inside, which makes it feel comfortable.

Visor and Air Ventilation

Due to the design of the helmet the front of the helmet gets too close to the nose. This is not a major problem but its something that you will get used to. The visor is scratch resistant and offers a clear view of the road ahead.

There are two vents in front of the helmet to allow airflow which also means that the dust would also enter straight onto your face and you cannot do anything about it. The vents have no option to close/open and therefore you will have to bear this. There are additional 2 vents at the back of the helmet to allow the air flow from the front to the back of the helmet and thus helping your head to have a cool head and free from any sweat. It would have been more useful if the vents would have been designed at the top of the helmet.

The part of the strap that touches your jaws, has a cushioning that gives a comfortable feel.


Steelbird Adonis Classic helmet weighs just about 1 kg. I don’t think I can consider it as a very lightweight helmet but yes it can be used on short-medium rides but not suggested for long rides due to its weight.

Should you buy the Steelbird Adonis helmet?

Well if you are not a regular bike rider and don’t travel very frequently on your motorcycle then you can consider the Steelbird Adonis helmet to be your companion for short to medium rides within the city. If you are a regular motorbike rider and travel everyday to your office or college on bike then you should definitely look at other options like Steelbird Air and Vega Crux.


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