Frequently Asked Questions

What are various types of Motorcycle Helmets available in India?

There are different types of helmets available – Full Face, Half Face, Open Face, Off Road/Motocross and Flip-up Helmets.

  1. Full Face – As its name says Full Face Helmet, it covers your entire head for protection and it provides you the most protection compare to the other types. It is known also for its features such as a face shield, to increase the airflow and a whole protection of the chin. Some riders dislike wearing it because it increases heat when wearing it for an extended period of time, as well as reduces airflow and ability to hear.
  2. Open Face – This helmet can be seen very commonly on Indian streets. The Open face helmets covers rider’s ears, cheeks, and back of the head, but leaves the lower chin bar unprotected. It covers 3 of 4 parts or 75% of your head. It provides the same rear protection as a full face helmet, but little protection to the face. If you’re looking for this type of helmet, I suggest that you choose to include a face shield, which will protect you from dust, wind, and insects.
  3. Flip-up – This is the next safest helmet of the choice. A combination of full face helmet and open face helmet. It is also commonly used on Indian roads, also called “convertible” or “flip-face.” It has the features of full face when fully closed and assembled. The good thing about this helmet is that it can be opened and much like the open space helmet. It is the best choice when you wear glasses and want to chat with friends while riding.
  4. Off-road / Motocross – As the name suggests  this helmet is commonly used in off-road and motocross competitions. It has features such as elongated chin, visor portions for protection from flying debris – this also keep the sun out of the eyes during jumps, a chin bar, and a partially open-face to allow the rider to wear goggles and to allow air to flow. This helmet is usually a choice of motorcycle enthusiasts like me who go on long rides to Himalayas or on long bike expedition.
  5. Half face Helmets – This model is popular with youngsters who drive scooty/activa on Indian streets. You will also see some old aged people driving on streets with Half face helmets because they don’t want to cover their full face while riding. You will also notice some girls using half face helmets while riding on their Scooty.

Which helmet size will fit me – Small Medium or Large?

If you don’t know what size of your helmet will fit your head then you need to measure your helmet size first. To understand how to measure your helmet size lets watch this video