Vega Helmets

Vega Helmets


Vega is India’s leading brand in manufacturing world-class helmets for both men and women. This 35 year old company is headquartered in Belgaum, India and is the flagship entity of the Vega Group of Companies.

Each helmet from Vega undergoes rigorous testing for the quality check before it comes to the market. Few famous models of Vega Helmets are Cliff, Vega Cruiser, and Formula HP Motocraft etc. They provide wide array of products and caters the multiple cadres of riders.

Vega’s ideology of Safety coupled with Fashion has become a pioneer in promoting helmets as ‘Designer Head Gear’. Vega’s vast range has been approved by the Bureau of Indian Standards (ISI) 4151 -Standards and Specification vide 9526-1980.

Vega has a wide network of over 400 dealers across the country and has also established itself overseas in countries like USA, Germany, Italy, Angola, Nepal, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and UAE. Their vast range of products have all surpassed safety standards such as ISI, DOT, ECE.

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