About Highsidehelmets.com

My name is Varun and I am a motorcycle enthusiast. I love to travel to different parts of India on my KTM RC 390 which is just like my second wife.

I also like to stay updated on the latest motorcycle gear in India and I do a lot of research online before buying any motorcycle gear online.

During several years of riding a bike I’ve learnt one thing that a good motorcycle gear can protect your life and can sometimes be a difference between life and death. Also keep in mind that no matter if you are a mature and experienced rider or a young amateur rider, you are always prone to accidents.

According to WHO’s Global Road Safety Report 23% of all accidents that result in death are of Motorcyclists as motorcyclists are the most vulnerable. According to NDTV there is one death every 4 minutes due to a road accident in India. Therefore it is very important for us to wear the right motorcycle gear.

A good helmet should be part of any motorcyclist’s gear and you should never ever think of buying a cheap helmet for yourself. Because there is nothing greater than your life and a good helmet will not only protect you from the police fines but also give you the protection during your rides. With so many types of helmets and brands available in the market it is quite difficult to choose the right helmet that matches your personality and also gives you protection.

I started highsidehelmets.com for one reason and thats because I noticed that there is not enough information available online to educate the motorcyclists who plan to buy motorcycle gear online.

With so many choices of helmets to protect your head, the balance between style and protection is a tough one.

Good news for you is that we’re here to make this decision as easy as possible for you!